Wood Turning by John Topham
Wood Turning by John Topham

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Deep lidded bowl, purple heart handle, ideal as a candy dish

 For the most part, my pieces are turned from local trees that have been fallen as
a result of rot, disease or age.
I turn only hardwoods
, not indigenous to the Okanagan Valley, those that were once planted as landscape ornaments. Mature, they may yield up to 40 or 50 pieces, depending on size and integrity of the tree. Slabbed, roughed out and stored for three months, the bowl blanks are ready for final shaping, turning and finishing. 

I will  upon request, turn bowls of a specific size and design.


Wood Turning Creations by Category
This piece turned from English Walnut, originated from the Dorothy Hall residence in Okanagan Falls, Planted by her husband in 1960, the tree was felled, as there was a safety concern with rotting branches. A salad bowl, trimmed with rotary etching, and a Lidded candy dish, 7" diameter, brass handle. Silver Maple originated from Vancouver Ave. in Penticton, planted at the turn of the century, It was dying from vine strangulation, so was felled for safety reasons 2007


Lidded Bowls

Wooden Box-Constructed from Gariana oak, brass recessed hinges, designed as a recipe box, or a nice box for your tobacco products. Abstract wood art, honey locust bowl, cut into 10cm wide pieces, randomly assembled to form a completed "gazelle" This piece serves no practical use, but as shelf filler.

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